Keynote: Mentoring Developers


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Great talk... Feeling inspired

Great talk. I knew about the phpmentoring program but didn't know the person behind it so that was a nice surprise. Well paced, well divided and some good background stories to support the talk.

Very nice keynote! Definitly got some inspiration to help me mentoring my colleague.

Anonymous at 16:37 on 24 Jan 2014

Inspiring and motivational!

Perfect keynote for an event like this. Very inspiring and moving.

Elizabeth has a great way of speaking and capturing the audience. Not even technical glitches throw her off.

Enjoyable talk capturing the core reasons that community works - sharing and growing together! Encourages us all to be involved in mentoring, particularly liked the reminder about not spoon-feeding people.

Great talk, but could need more kittens ;-)

Good keynote speaker and a subject that's important for everyone

She inspired me to go out there and mentor and be mentored

Very inspiring keynote. I like the personal touch you gave to it by showing us the ppl who mentored you and visa versa.

Inspiring talk and absolutely true!

Very nice talk, very moving moment also when the speaker talked about her experience with misogyny as she started in the industry, left me feeling a little bit sad on my own gender. ;)

Also shows you that "when I doubt, just add more kittens" always works.

I've seen a previous revision of this talk(s/cats/star wars), and just as before, I left this talk with a renewed motivation to be active in mentoring others. Elizabeth is such a great, dynamic speaker, and it is great seeing her give a non-technical talk about something you can tell she is genuinely passionate about. This was a fantastic topic for a keynote, kudos to the PHPBenelux team for the great choice.

Very refreshing keynote !

An inspiring and motivational talk, Liz delivered it incredibly well. My interested in mentoring and being mentored is renewed. Thanks.

Awesome talk, not enough starwars though ;-) Thanks!

I agree it was inspirational, but I found it to be a bit wordy. I guess I'm not a big fan of this kind of keynotes.

Inspiring talk! Very good.

I am taking one thing home in particular: "DO NOT SPOON FEED". Felt kinda guilty, because that's exactly what I'd been doing the day before. I liked the slide where you paired the rabbits and cats in matching colors. Your tone is really kind and encouraging. The cats fit better with this than star wars in my opinion, so it's a good choice.

Inspiring indeed. Well spoken, clear examples by a great engaging speaker. But would prefer to see this on the normal tracks.

I feel like this should've been a lightning talk. Yes, inspiring at times but I felt like there was a lot of "filler" in there.

I was a bit late so I only saw half of the talk. This fits perfectly in my current goals and encourages me to start looking for a mentor soon as I really now can focus more on becoming the developer I want to be. Once I'm more confident in my abilities and have reached the level I want it to be, I'll definitely want to offer to mentor other developers too.

Anonymous at 09:18 on 27 Jan 2014

Good talk, perhaps a bit fluffy but delivered in an entertaining, off-the-cuff manner. The advice was (refreshingly) more practical than expected and was clearly based on a lot of experience. For a keynote, maybe a little low key. Still, enjoyable.

Very good talk. This was one of those talks when you do not expect much, but at the end feel very inspired and want to go out and do something. Thanks!

Enjoyed the talk. The idea behind it is clear, hopefully mentoring will be more and more common in the near future and people take the time for this.

Good talk with an important message. I already knew about and about mentoring in general, so I can't say I learned a lot from this talk, but it served as a good reminder to actually get into it more. Also it had some touching personal stories and it was delivered with confidence and experience so I did enjoy it a lot.

Anonymous at 13:07 on 27 Jan 2014

While the content was pretty good, the never ending giggling was distracting. If you make a joke, let us laugh.

The whole idea behind mentoring looked very obvious to me. After the keynote, I had the impression I didn't learned a single thing and this is sad considering I'm sure I could learn plenty of interesting things from a great speaker like Elizabeth.

The presentation skills were excellent, too bad the content was not really what I expected from a keynote.

Very inspiring. A lot of things that were pretty common knowledge, but good to hear them again to refresh the memory. Also several things I hadn't considered before that I can now take with me. Great keynote, thanks!

Personally, I found this one of the lesser interesting opening keynotes I have seen so far. An opening keynote should be something that get's the vibe into the rest of the conference, and I did not get that feeling.

Although the key points of the talk were good, the supporting content/stories were often obvious, too lengthy or even just boring. And no, these are things that can't be fixed by adding kittens...

Inspiring talk

Great motivational talk that reminded me of my own first steps in building websites. Thanks for the mentoring tips!

Somewhere in your career, you'll reach the moment where you have to mentor someone. This keynote provided some obvious and some less-obvious tips and insights when mentoring someone.

Great inspirational keynote, I've seen this talk in another form before, I did like the kitten pictures, some people have not seen star wars after all (OMG YES I KNOW TERRIBLE). Great presenting style with personal tidbits making it a nice story all trough the talk.