Queue your work - about job queues and abstraction layers (Uncon)


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A good overview of available tools but a bit lengthy for me. You could spice it up with some more visuals in your slides.

Anonymous at 09:47 on 27 Jan 2014

Great overview, especially for a first time speaker. The content was solid and the speaker knew his stuff.

The slides could use a little more work, add some photos or syntax highlighting. You definitely need to reduce the word count per slide or make them appear point-by-point. The pros/cons slides especially were too tempting to read ahead on. Maybe throw in a joke or two, don't be nervous.

Overall though, these are minor complaints about an otherwise good talk. I've seen things on conference main tracks that weren't this good. Just some more polish and practice and this should get accepted somewhere.

Good in-depth talk. Attended to get this information about queues. Talk could be improved with images and so on. Very nice work.

Interesting talk. Can't wait to implement some queues!
Maybe a little demo should be nice!