Refactoring to Design Patterns


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Entertaining talk, maybe hard to follow for people new to design patterns.

Great talk about a great subject. I knew exactly where Benjamin was going to, so for me it was quite easy to follow. Too bad there was too little time to complete the strategy pattern, so I give you four stars instead of five.

Talk was good I think, though personally I'd have appreciated something a bit more advanced. Can't subtract points for that however. Very important topic as well - essential knowledge and skills to have for any dev.

Really interesting topic and brought very clearly.

Live coding is a great idea while doing this talk and I loved the preparation of the "bad" example, however, it might have been too much. There wasn't enough time in the talk to completely refactor the example, there was also so much going on, it sometimes became difficult to follow.

An important topic indeed. Too bad there was no time to complete the strategy pattern example.

Interesting talk but the live coding example should have been a bit more compact. There was too much scrolling and context switching going on. Smaller refactoring steps should have been better for the speaker and the audience.

Anonymous at 13:41 on 26 Jan 2014

This was a really comprehensive session. The point was clear, you were giving the audience a good step-by-step explanation of why you were refactoring in a certain way, and overall the way you did it was really good. Too bad we ran out of time, i would've loved to continue the session. Mad props for using Vim!

I loved how "real" this talk was. You can easily read or watch talks about refactoring, testing, design patterns and have no idea how to actually do these things in practice.

Try and find a way to speed up the actual coding, perhaps you could prepare a small set of small macro's?

Anonymous at 09:51 on 27 Jan 2014

Very good talk and well explained. Steps were good to follow, though I wouldn't commit every single one :)

Very good talk. The best part was the fact that the speaker didn't use an inconceivable or small example but had a large part of code that could be from the real world (and maybe was?). Making this code better bit by bit is something everyone should learn and Benjamin helped :)

Good way to show how to move away from legacy code by using design patterns. Too bad time was limited and it was possible to show only few of them.

Very clear, fit well within the time and well executed.

Interesting topic and was well delivered even with so much live coding.

Nice talk, learned some things that will help me refactoring :)

Nice talk about refactoring and also showed the importance/benefits from testing.

Always nice to see a good coding demo live. Thanks for the tips on refactoring.