Roll your own – choosing a PHP framework


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Once again a top notch talk. I always enjoy listening to your talks. They're well paced, easy to understand and have a lot of humour in them which makes them great to keep up.

Also, the way you went over each step of choosing a framework was great. The slides for this will be a great reference to anyone who is deciding on choosing a framework.

Just a very awesome talk!! Perfection!

One of my favorite talks.

I liked the big red "do not...", one remark tho: while all this is true for your "professional" carrier, it should not be valid to your personal. EVERYONE should try to write a framework (or frameworks) only for it/her self, but NEVER try to sell it to other people. Rolling a framework is a great way to grow.

And while doing that, you might peek at different technologies, to learn from the other tech communities (python, java, ruby, etc).

And of course, it's always fun to do it.

Great talk, very entertaining and it taught me what to look for when choosing a framework.

just the way all talks should be. Smart, clear, focused. humor.

Good talk and I agreed with all of the points, but - other than "don't write your own framework" - I couldn't tell what the intended next step or "therefore you should..." was.

Rowans talks are always entertaining, while I had a lot of fun listening to this talk - Always great with framework bashing it's the first time I walk out from one of Rowans talks without knowing what the actual point was.