The first few milliseconds of HTTPS


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Nice talk. Nice to hear how the thing we use every day actually works.

Very technical, but walked away with some nice information on the subject.

Like many webdevelopers (at least, I think ;)) I've dealt with HTTPS in the past. Usually that would either go like "hey webhosters, can you enable HTTPS for me on" or, in situations when I didn't mind the browser security warning, it would involve .

It was very refreshing to get some detailed insight into a subject which I usually just take for granted. I used to stop worrying about the datastream being intercepted as long as I had the padlock in my browser, but Joshua's talk has taught me that doesn't always have to be the case. Yet another headache, thanks for that ;)

The talk in general was well structured, and the prepared wireshark captures were a great hands-on pratical example.

Excellent talk from an informational point of view. Taught me some important new stuff.

Anonymous at 18:57 on 24 Jan 2014

Very interesting and well explained. Too bad there wasn't more time!

I found this the most interesting talk of the day. Are the slides available somewhere?

This was a great, highly informative talk. I got everything I was hoping out of this talk. I thought I knew SSL/TLS pretty well, but still managed to walk out of this talk with a few new things.

I was glad they put two projectors in the room, otherwise I would not have been able to see some of the diagrams and especially not Wireshark. If you give this talk again, and won't have the same luxery of multiple projectors, it might be useful to have zoomed-in screenshots and such prepared. Otherwise, great talk!

Especially liked your explanation of cipher negociation. I never knew much about https, so now I know a lot more.

Loved it, didn't know so much went on..! Gonna play around with Wireshark now :D