Working with PhpStorm


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Been using PHPStorm for a while, but never sat down to 'read the manual'.
Some awesome 'tips & tricks' in this workshop! And a complete downloadable tutorial that I can use to follow along and check out when I get back home.

It went really fast though, Maarten mentioned that there was enough content for 12 hours, felt like it.
Also I felt like a second class citizen as an OS X user, couldn't replicate some functionality simply because I didn't get the shortcut.

Possible improvement might be to get attendees to demo / shout out their own best features (someone mentioned CMD + ~, which is awesome, I would suggest 'pstorm' command).
Or a 'Code Kata' style follow along, to get navigation 'in the fingers'.
Ask the OS X users to find the accompanying OS X shortcut and shout it out after your story.
Just a little more interactivity could liven up the workshop.

Interesting workshop, easy to follow. PhpStorm has too many features to cover in such a short timespan, as Maarten indicated at the start, but it was dealt with nicely by asking the audience which topics they find the most interesting to dive into.

Learned many bigger and smaller things about PhpStorm which I didn't know; there appears to be no bounds to its functionality :) Even though we didn't have time to go through all the topics, Maarten provided a github repo containing the complete presentation, as well as well-prepared tutorial assignments to do later.

I've only one small remark: considering the amount of OSX users, more focus on the correct Mac shortcuts would be nice :)

Nice workshop, learned some interesting new things. Great how you handled the order of things to tell as much as possible in the small amount of time and very nice to see you can finish the complete tutorial at home at your own speed. Only point of improvement are the OSX keys, please fix that plugin ;) that would ease it up a lot, instead of having to look for them in the example files or cheatsheet

Overall a good introduction - sadly because I'm an OS X user I spent too much time trying to decipher the chart and find the equivalent keyboard commands - by which time I'd missed the demo of how it worked... Maarten tried to overcome this with a plugin however as often as not it was wrong, and was almost impossible to see because it was right at the bottom of the screen.

Clearly the wealth of features is impressive, and the way Maarten 'crowd-sourced' the topics to cover was highly commendable.

I'd elected to attend this tutorial because I'd heard very good things about PHPStorm and was tempted to move away from my current IDE by - sadly this tutorial didn't do it for me - maybe next time...

Anonymous at 12:27 on 27 Jan 2014

I enjoyed it and learned quite a few. I would also like next time to focus also on the VISUALBLOCK (VIM) commands as an extra if possible