Your (coding) standards matter


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Anonymous at 13:49 on 25 Jan 2014

please give this guy something to drink before the talk. Solid presentation, but without the constant jugging of water it would have been better.

Anonymous at 13:57 on 25 Jan 2014

The constant drinking distract the presentation.

Anonymous at 14:39 on 25 Jan 2014

Don't drink and speak. It starts being distracting and ends up being plain annoying....

Didn't mind the water drinking personally; after a while I stopped noticing it. It's less intrusive and much more comfortable than ending up with coughing fits for sure.

Solid talk and introduction to some of the hard technical aspects. I liked the softer considerations that there should be a balance between coding-standards-fanaticism and business goals as well.

The funny parts prevented me from fully entering my food coma. Very informative and enjoyable.

Anonymous at 21:56 on 25 Jan 2014

The subject is probably really interesting but I just couldn't get around the fact that Volker seemed very uninterested, had a real "meh I don't care" attitude and literally slurped from his glas of water every 2 sentences, either you jug the whole glass of water or take a sip once or twice every 10 minutes but this was just annoying. I've seen Volked do much beter!

Loved the concepts and tips on how to inject standards into a team environment without breaking everything apart.

Thank you for the feedback so far!

Sadly I caught a slight conference-cold and was coughing heavily the whole day - hence the steady drinking. I didn't really see a way to avoid both and went for the silent option. Given that it seems to really distract from the content, which saddens me greatly, I'll try to find a better way to fix this should i have throat problems.

Maybe I just have just announced it in the start.

I expected a bit more "why you should have standards" and a bit less "here's how to use the tools", but that's my own fault for not reading the description well enough before attending.

I didn't find the drinking annoying at all (having a drink now and then paces the talk, which is a good thing anyway). I also disagree with the "meh" attitude; your presentation style seems relaxed and well-paced to me. Some speakers are constantly hyped, others are more relaxed, either is fine.

Your presentation was very composed and the examples made everything clear.

I liked the fact that you paced yourself. Having a very (fast) and over-enthousiastic talks can also be draining on the participants.

You have a clear and steady opinion about the subject and bring it very well!

Great talk and content!

I lol'ed at the first comments which were given before the talk was even finished.

Ah well, great talk. Can't really give any downsides. Didn't even notice the coughing that much.