Abstract Filesystems, with Flysystems


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I'm definitely going to give Flysystem a try, and moreover, suggest it to other developers on my team who didn't make it to the conference, but need to wrestle with AWS uploads.

Quick, sweet and convincing talk!

You definitely convinced me on using flysystem.

Great talk on what appears to be an excellent library. Wish this had existed years ago.

Very nice introduction to Flysystem and its functionality: convinced me to use it for the next projects involving file I/O.

Few notes on what needs to be enhanced:

- less ranting. Filesystem is what it is, we have to deal with it anyway (did this mistake in previous talks myself as well)
- more actual practical use-cases rather than just an API overview
- maybe a testing example with stubbing/mocking

Good talk, well explained, I'll be using the library :)

Good intro on the usefulness of Flysystem. Although i have no immediate need for it, it is definately something i will familiarise myself with for future projects.

Good talk - I really got a good impression of the amount of work it would save to use the library.

Also, a good speaker - pretty relaxed, but I do have one tiny tip: You frequently check your (back) pocket with your right hand during speaking. Don't know if you're aware of that :-)

A good introduction to flysystem. We will defently use it in future products.

Also a very good speaker. I enjoyed your talk. Thank you

Nice, interesting talk. Flysystem looks pretty useful, might have a play around with it soon :)

liked the talk, will give it a try.

It could use some more in-depth details on the difficulties on different adapters, connection types.

- What common problems are taken away with this new awesome library?
the pain with dealing FTP(s) connection was touched too briefly imho.
The differences between Pure/Pro ftpd could be touched for example.
Or other adapters likeS3, Dropbox.

- Comparison with alternatives eg Gaufrette, Filicious (example). I think Fly System is the best one ;)
- Future plans with Flysystem

Great talk! The talk started with a very helpful introduction to file systems and challenges in dealing with them. This explained well why an abstraction like Flysystems is helpful. The talk was well presented and easy to follow. Thanks!

Good introduction to Flysystem.
I will definitely give it a try in one of the next projects.

Good talk. Another comparison with existing solutions could have been system level filesystem integration for linux server, like s3fs with the fuse system.