Lists, a secret love story


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An interesting talk; and while it didn't really show any benefit of using lists implemented in pure PHP over using SPL's built-in lists, Toon's enthusiasm for and love of playing around with datastructures really shone through in his talk

Enthusiastic much :) I love lists too now

Anonymous at 22:08 on 25 Jan 2015

I enjoyed this talk, partly because it was obvious Toon is really excited about playing around with Lambdalicious and lists :)

After some critical questions about the benefit of using these kinds of lists instead of the usual data structures in PHP by the audience, I think you could have explained, in the beginning, that this is purely for fun and doing mental exercises. At least that's how I interpreted the talk.
This makes the talk more meaningful, IMHO, as it's not about getting a hard technical advantage by using these lists, but more like a soft technical advantage by making your development mind more limber.

And I would also like to remark, that I did not know anything about functional programming or Lisp before this talk.
Maybe a few very concrete pointers in the beginning would be nice for people like me to get the concept of the language. The head and tail operations for example. In my world they seem similar to the head and tail *nix commands.
Now during the talk the context explained there were some differences between what I thought they would do and what they actually did. But a more explicit explanation would maybe help everybody be on the right page from the beginning :)

Keep up giving talks and keep exploring, you've got a real knack for conveying your enthusiasm to the audience.

I especially liked the fact that Toon was clearly exited about the subject. It's always fun to see that people really in to functional programming become these mad giggling characters, drooling over the elegance of what they create, and I mean that in a good way! It's always great to see such passion!

Although I have no experience with functional programming, I could follow everything just fine. It was clear and well presented. Together with some other talks it inspired me to start playing with some LISP as well.

Ow, and I liked the style of asking a question and answering it yourself. I really completes the mad scientist thing :) Keep that in and keep it up!