Creating your own Entity/Object Manager


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Nice topic. It sure got me thinking about other use cases to implement this.

The approach was very logical. Sometimes I had the impression you pauzed because you were searching for the right way to express it in english. Overall a very decent presentation giving us tons of insight in the topic.

I like the talk subject and content, but the execution was a little troublesome. There is quite a lot of code, and the slides don't fit so you needed to scroll *during* the presentation. Even you missed the next step at some points.
Plus, you're taking people along on a build where they have to keep track of the changes in their mind... hard work for tired minds ;-)

But: I feel if this presentation was a tutorial, you would have rocked it 100%!

As people already said - the topic was very interesting, but it's really not too well suited for a talk. Maybe a bit more high-level version would be a better fit, with explanations on different possible use cases while only tangentially touching the code. The concept is very intriguing, though!

Interesting talk, I enjoyed it. Lets see where is going - maybe one day you can build that talk on top of existing components for most of the features!

The way you present the talk has some room for improvement: Be more structured and clear what you talk about, reduce the code on the slides.