Cute Little Interpreters


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Anonymous at 12:33 on 23 Jan 2015

Awesome session, the coding part was lots of fun!
It's very interesting to go deeper afterwards and see how far you can go with it.


Thanks guys - this was my favorite tutorial so far (if I look back at other conferences).

Majority of us spend whole day working on yet another web page (or some part of app that results in web page). This tutorial brought back that spark which got me into Computer Science more than 10 ages ago.
Tutorial structure was really good too. Not too short, not too long. All steps were very well thought through. It's like this sort of teaching is what you do for a living. I know that you usually look for "what was not so great" to know what to improve. Sorry - can't give you that.


This was a fantastic tutorial - I learnt a lot about compilers and interpreters. The pace picked up very rapidly once introducing PhpParser to the heap machine and covered a lot of topics in an "overview" style, but I don't think that was a particularly negative point, it just is. Thanks loads Anthony & Igor, awesome! :)

Probably the best and most interesting tutorial I've ever been to:

- well calibrated difficulty
- good and satisfying hands-on part
- very nice overview of more advanced heap/compiler/optimization topics
- inspires people to keep going with the topic

Anonymous at 14:10 on 25 Jan 2015

As said before, good balance between basic and advanced stuff.
I can imagine it's quite a steep learning curve for some, as not many will think of programming in this low-level way.
But it was very engaging for the more experienced dev who likes to keep in touch with the root of computing.

Nice illustration of the bare logic, with computing theory and history. And I have to give credit to Igor and Anthony for giving timely support, while making the exercises, so nobody felt left out. Thanks.

Well structured and balanced workshop that has managed to awaken my interest in interpreters and language internals. I am now planning to learn more about interpreters and would definitely recommend Anthony and Igor as teachers of the subject.

The workshop did take a quite a leap in conceptual difficulty and pace from the point of introducing the concept of the heap, so I found it much harder to follow after that. Letting us experiment a bit longer would perhaps have helped understanding. This is my only point of criticism though, everything else was very well done!

we also managed to do a brainfuck interpreter in parallel. the tutorial itself was great!

I had a blast in this workshop. The pace was just right. We coded along and were challenged to implement our own solutions. I felt emboldened to pursue a goal of mine to implement my own language from the ground up. Anthony and Igor were funny and relaxed and I really don't know what I'd like to see improve.

I already gave the feedback in person, I came out of the tutorial with exactly what I wanted when I came in, more internal knowledge and inspiration to maybe get more involved in internals, it's not as scary as it seems. The first part of the tutorial where we got to follow along and pair-program was excellent. The second part felt a bit rushed trough and confusing with showing lots of code, until you started explaining WHY you showed lots of code.. Fix that rush and you have a priceless workshop.

All in all I'm super inspired and more knowledgeable so thanks for a successful tutorial <3