From SQL to NoSQL


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I had never worked with a NoSQL database before but after this workshop I'm sure I have a solid foundation to start implementing this in a project.

Only negative comment I have is that a lot of people were unprepared, that took at least 45 minutes and it distracted me a lot.

This was a very helpful, hands-on and well organized introduction to Mongo-DB. The overview of different non-SQL databases was very helpful. What I missed was more of a discussion about SQL vs. no-SQL. What are criteria to choose no-SQL vs. SQL? Sending out the instructions a few days earlier might be helpful and allow people a little more time to prepare. Days before a conference are often extremely busy.
Overall this was a very helpful tutorial by a very competent presenter. And, it is always nice to meet some of the core developers behind software that we are using every day. Thanks!