Handling Higly Connected Data with the Neo4j Graph Database


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A nice introduction into neo4j as a graph database. Could have used a bit more introduction on when to use agraph database.

I liked that the examples were from an open source project. The demos were heavily impacted that Michelle had to hold the mic with one hand and type with the other. It was presented in a somewhat slow and monotonous way.

Great energy from MIchelle.
And very good introduction to Neo4j.
I was expecting more "PHP" examples than the neo4j cypher queries.

Nice introduction into graph databases & NEO4J in particular. As a PHP developer, it would have been great to see some code working with NEO4J, or at least some pointers how to start using it in your code. Overall well done

Nice introduction, well presented, unfortunately it did not cover some rough edges you encounter the moment you try to dive deeper into neo4j.

Overall good coverage of the topic for newbies to Neo4j. Me being a newbie myself, went home eager to try out Neo4j. Mission accomplished!

Michelle's presentation skills can be improved in several ways, her clear enthusiasm for the topic however compensated the little mistakes she made. My main recommendation would be to use less slides and try to talk more fluent in full sentences.

Good introduction to Neo4j.
I would like to see a little bit more use of Neo4j together with PHP, or at least this was my expectation.
For someone who never used it at all, this could be a good starting point.

This talk really helped give me the intro into Neo4j that I needed. I've been wanting to have a play with it for a while, but after hitting some installation problems I put it on the back burner, your talk inspired me to pick it back up, though! With that being said, maybe have a slide in on where you can get the code to get up and running with a Vagrant box or something?

I think usage of OmNomHub was great, and the recipe concept really works well to illustrate the power Neo4j has to offer. I know towards the end of the talk you mentioned some of the more complex uses it has (especially that health insurance one :/) to offer, even in omNomHub. You mentioned that after a while it can predict potential recipes you may like, it would've been cool to see some examples on that, as I know I'd be interesting in working that kind of functionality into my applications, and seeing a concept on how it was done would have been interesting.

I'm always a sucker for a bit of code in slides, so I was hoping for a bit more on that side, but the WebUI works great for getting to know Neo4j so I got past that one. One suggestion when using the WebUI though, maybe use a browser stylesheet to resize the query box so the full query is always available? I know when you end up doing complex queries, the complex stuff is at the end and out of view, so would have been nice to see it.

Being able to see what it's capable of, and how easy it is to get started really helped me pick it back up, so I thank you for that! I think it would have been nice to see some of the more complex and complicated usages for Neo4j, but that may be out of the scope of the talk. You've also inspired me to do a talk of my own, so also, thanks for that :)