High Performance PHP


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Interesting talk, good presentation skills, some very funny opinionated slides. Good clear explanation of what's happening under the hood

A very approachable introduction to how compilers work and the differences between the major PHP compilers. I learned a lot about something I have always taken for granted. I appreciated that Anthony repeated the audience questions into the mic before answering them.

Good explanation about the different compilers.

Again a great talk by Anthony! I like the way he brings the info to us. Was great to point out the difference between speed and scalable. After that it was mind blowing about the various PHP compilers.

Good talk. Learned more about the working of compilers and howto optimize for them.

Very interesting and insightful. What I found especially interesting was the explanations about compiler types and the way they are able to optimize. I envy the speaker's knowledge and his ability to transfer it (and respond to tricky questions).

I really enjoyed this talk! Good presentation, clear subject and fluently done. I especially like the message to not try to outsmart a compiler by thinking up some generic solution to address scaling issues, but actually pick up a profiler and fix your own mess :) I would highly recommend this talk to anyone who's interested in improving scalability!

I'm also looking forward to some future features of Recki-CT, especially the one compiling PHP to PHP (with optimizations), I'm very interested to see what some of my projects would look like after it's done :)

Good talk.
I enjoyed the explanation of how compilers work and the differences between them.

This is another talk that I was genuinely interested in. But, I didn't know it until I got there. I loved learning more about how PHP works under the hood. I would actually happily watch an entire conference of talks like this.

Great talk.
Key take-away: one does not simply have scalability issues!
All you need is to "just" fix your code :D

I found this incredibly fascinating. While already packed with so much information, it left me craving for more. Anthony is fun to watch and very entertaining, which I found impressive with such a seemingly dry subject.

great talk delivered in an excellent way, thanks a lot!
only point that might be improved: i was a rather mislead by only having seen the title on the schedule and not reading the abstract. maybe think about the title again, high performance is very generic.