Introduction to Docker


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Anonymous at 12:23 on 23 Jan 2015

Clear story, good explanation where needed. Thanks

Very clear explanation and good prep of the available material and files. i enjoyed it! The only thing that caused some confusion with me was the missing composer stuff, but Andreas went about it patiently and got us back on track.
I think the practice side of things would be even more concise if fugu was left out (or included just as a notice instead of a hands on)

But all in all this was a great intro to Docker, thanks!

Great preparations, everyone was up-and-running in 5-10 minutes. Kudos to that, as a lot of other tutorials have spent 1h+ on prep. Your vagrant boxes were a good example of how it should be done.

As for the content: for me, it was just perfect! I was fast-paced, highly technical, explained enough of the gotcha's to protect and left enough questions open for me to investigate further afterwards.

3 hours well spent on learning docker!

A very accessable talk even for people without any knowledge of docker.

Great preparation done by Andreas. Most people had everything up and running within a few minutes. And even a solution for conference WiFi was there.

Talk it self made me enthusiastic about docker. I never used it before. And I certainly will in the future

Really like this workshop. Andreas did prepare this perfectly by using a nice vagrant setup avoiding the need for internet. Maybe the only thing to change for this course (as an introduction) is to avoid 3rd party tools like fugu and continue concentrating on docker examples (env variables, linking containers, data containers, etc )

Very good intro. Very well prepared and explained.

Very well prepared, we were all up and running in a matter of minutes!

Very nice tutorial, thanks Andreas! One tip: I've had some issues with composer and PHP Unit as mentioned below. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!