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Really fun workshop! Josh mentioned that it was usually 12 hours and I could imagine having fun hacking 8 more hours with the stuff. Especially for someone unfamiliar with Arduino and Johnny Five the Nitrogen stuff was good to know and have seen and used the basic example but a little too advanced.
A second trainer would have been useful at times (there was quite a queue) though the small size meant that you could ask around and someone could help out.
Also some of the examples has a few bugs in them (PR coming!) and a single page md document might have made it more easier to follow.
Awesome workshop, thanks!

I really had a great time during this workshop. For me it was the highlight of the conference. Josh knows how to give a workshop, that is clear. The workshop material was also OK. A pity the Arduino Yun boards had some problems, but if everything works as advertised and you just have to copy and paste the example code then there is no learning involved.
Really cool! Thanks Josh!