Microservices: Packs small, plays BIG!


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good talk some very nice tips

Anonymous at 14:45 on 24 Jan 2015

Good introduction into microservices, I liked it that he didn't dive into all possible container techniques but stayed on a more high level approach.

Great info in some of the basic approaches you can take to setup a microservice-driven (that's a word, I called it) project. Whether the approach is viable or not is aside this talk.

I liked that together with explaining the concept I was also given the tools and examples to do this. I had a few questions in my head during the talk but at the end of the talk all of them were answered.

Anonymous at 17:05 on 25 Jan 2015

Clearly explained what 'microservices' are supposed to be.

Very good explanation of the concept of microservices and what they should and should not be and in what situations they might be really useful.

The talk answered all the questions I had on the topic.

Good overview talk of the Microservices concept, although I would have liked a bit more examples of how (and where in the architecture) the services are tied together.

As a tip, Stephan (if you don't mind getting one from a noob), I'd say that you could cut down on the terms "and what-not", "whatever" and "or something". You really know your sh*t, but those words hide that fact a bit.

[4-out-of-5. Filing a but report with joind.in that ratings dissapear when you edit a comment.]

This talk gave a really good intro on how Microservices can be used, and also their benefits within existing projects. The theory was very good, and the talk was delivered in a brilliant way, but I feel as though it was let down by the lack of practical examples. I know there was some very precise questions asked, and without the experience to go off, there wasn't much you could say. Other than that, brilliant talk.

Anonymous at 14:13 on 4 Feb 2015

Good talk