Migrating to DDD


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Nice introduction into DDD. With some examples how they implemented it in their application.

Good and practical introduction to DDD. Nice to see how you actually implemented it, instead of just the theoretical explanation.

Nice DDD introduction. 1 negative point: I understand why he wants to couple the domain loose from the framework, but it should not be an excuse to reinvent the wheel.

The message of the talk was sound. I got it.

The style of presentation would be my only point of improvement.
Mayby try not reading (quite monotonous) out loud what it says on the slide.

Maybe have look at some some real Github libraries out there, and how you might change those to an perfect shiny example of DDD?

I found this talk a bit too high level, trying to be both an introduction to the primary DDD building blocks as well as a how to do it in practice with PHP / Symfony, ending up with too less of both IMHO to be either satisfying to a complete DDD newbie or satisfying to someone who has studied already the theory but wants more practical tips for their implementation. From the talk's description, I expected a lot more practical examples.

This is an interesting subject which had a lot of attendees even though it was the first slot of the second day.

There were some technical difficulties; the headset didn't work properly so you had to use a microphone. Also you had to walk to your laptop each time to click to the next slide. These things could have been solved by a bit more preparation.

In the description of your talk you mentioned topics that were not in your presentation (PHPUnit vs Behat vs CodeCeption). DDD is a very broad subject; try to limit the things that you want to present.

The content of your slides were clear although a bit dry. At the start when you showed the start-up example with South Park characters there was room for a joke there. Check out South Park season 18, episode 1 (Go Fund Yourself) for inspiration :-)

3 out 5, it seems the rating disappears after you edit your comment..

I feel like all I got from the talk were the benefits of migrating to DDD. I would've liked to see some more in-depth view into what happened.

Also it started off with the speaker talking to the ground instead of the audience, but that improved along the way.

I could not follow the talk really well. I have no practical experience in DDD and was hoping for a good introduction. Unfortunately I could not understand the examples the presenter was giving because of my lack of theoretical knowledge.

My rating seem to have disappeared after editing my talk: 2/5

This talk by Anatoly turned out to be a pretty decent overview of the core principles of Domain-Driven Design. He told the story of how Sparkcentral decided to try and migrate their system to DDD.

Implementing Domain-Driven Design can be a complicated thing to try and show. I think Anatoly did a great job both giving a broad overview of what Domain-Driven Design is and also showing which decisions they faced and how they ultimately chose to implement those parts of the system.

I really liked how this talk was put together, rather than a theoretical one, you had an actual use case which always makes things better. I've always wanted to have a proper look into DDD, and this really helped put me on the right path on how to get started.

I like the fact you included an example code layout, even if it was theoretical. The main problem I have when creating new classes is naming them, and where they live within the application, so seeing that example really helped. Also how it that tied in with the bonding contexts helped too.

The talk inspired me to go and home and review my own code to see if moving to DDD would benefit, and if possible I'll try and slowly migrate as time goes on, so thanks for that.