Say What? Ubiquitous Language and You!


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Good introduction in the hearth of DDD, the ubiquitous language;
How and why to use it.

Good introduction on the ubiquitous language and its importance, very suitable for newbies to DDD.

Maybe a bit too much slides the first few minutes of the talk giving me the impression they are just transcribing what the speaker was telling instead of just capturing the essence. However, this is probably just a matter of style of slides I am not used to.

Beau is a very fluent speaker, that's obvious, but sometimes a bit too 'dry' for my taste. He might want to spice up his talk a bit here and there with a funny anecdote or joke.

The contents was presented in a clear manner, the speaker is obviously very capable.

In the presentation I would have like to hear more about the differences between the traditional design process and the one using ubiquitous language (isn't it only natural that domain-specific concepts are reflected in the code?). The same holds for code: I would have liked to see some examples of the differences between code not using UL and one with UL. Also: how about using factories, repositories, design patterns, would they all need to be rephrased in business-language? If not, where is the dividing line?

Very good to hear about this subject, though. Please do go on!

It was a thorough, clear and fluent talk about the subject. Beau is definitively a great speaker.

I did feel like the actual content could have fit in a talk half it's length. There was quite some repetition where I felt like "yes, I got it already". Maybe throw in some examples, some information on common pitfalls, and for developers it would be great to see some actual code that reflects the story.

Good talk, the speaker delivered a clear introduction on ubiquitous language, why it is important and how to use it.

Great presentation very well performed. I had never heard about the ubiquitous language before and I'm just about getting into DDD, so this was a very nice introduction that I think anyone who wants to learn DDD can benefit from hearing first! Thanks :)

This talk was really interesting, and I felt as though it was delivered in a great way, and had quite a bit of interesting content. You were also excellent at fielding questions, which can sometimes be difficult. The only real issue I had was the lack of examples, and by that I mean when deciding on the terms to use is actually a challenge. It would have been nice to hear about when a client had called something 'x', you had called it 'y' and then 'z' was decided on?

I think that was really the only thing missing from the talk, the rest of the content and everything else was great, I just think it would have benefited from a more complex example.