Secure PHP Development Bootcamp


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Interesting overview of the most common mistakes we can make. Maybe the bootcamp would have had a bigger impact when there would have been some more complex attack samples.

Thanks for pointing out some interesting tools.

I learned a lot during this bootcamp. Clearly explained, with good examples.

I share the same thought as Ike Devolder

Very informational overview of the most important attacks. Speaker presents very clearly in proper English, so that makes the workshop easy to follow. His preparations are also very good. A couple of days before the workshop we received an email on how to get prepared for the bootcamp. He offered a well-prepared installation (Vagrant) that could be set up within minutes without any problems.

During the workshop Chris tried to achieve a mix between listening and finding out issues yourself. In my opinion there could be a bit more focus on the doing, for example by offering clear assignments.

For example per vulnerability;
* short introduction
* some time to figure out the problem in the provided environment (Notch) without the speaker presenting
* feedback on the found issue and explaining why this occured
* some time to figure out a solution for yourself
* recap on the problem and presenting the best possible solution(s).

That way it may feel more like a workshop, instead of a 3 hour talk.

Thank you for the workshop, I did learn quite some new things and consolidated previous knowledge. It really was worth getting up early for.

Very nice introduction and overview of the most common vulnerabilities.

Appreciated the info and tips for testing tools.

I think for a PHP conference, your tutorial covered pretty much all the topics it should cover. I got a lot of easy gains from it, which I hope to take with me in my day to day work. Presentationwise I think you were very clear and easy to listen to.