Small Uncontrolled Experiments


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Very inspirational, thanks!
There were many ideas i will take from this and bring to my fellow team members.
I loved the wall of tech debt. And very beautiful to see "yes, and" being promoted, the best thing in life :)

Insightful and thought provoking ideas! Really enjoyed it

Although opinions don't seem to matter that much, this was a very nice "soft skills" talk with some insightful points :) I got some handy tips that will be tried out in our team come Monday

Thanks for a nice smooth presentation, witty one-liners and with some great insights. Got me thinking how I can change something at the office.

Nothing to report or add, imho

Thank you

Each talk by Mathias I find very inspiring, and also this talk was no exception. Very practical ideas on how to start improving the way a development team works, decided by the team itself, step by step, to really get things change!

Unforgettable quote:

Great talk!

I couldn't understand certain words in your sentences (I can't really put a finger on it). It didn't happen all the time and it wasn't a big problem. It might've been a situational thing that you usually don't do, you mentioned talking two days straight in workshops.

I thought this would be boring (I had nothing better to do with my time). But, not so! I never thought thinking about agile project-management could be interesting. Thanks for showing me :) I took 2 tips home for me to try, and the concept of experimenting with agile has stuck.

The speaker has a very positive attitude.

A great talk. Lots of examples and take away ideas! My personal favourite of day 2

Very inspiring and a nice way of executing experiments. I can't help but think that Mathias casually carries a stack of sticky notes everywhere he goes.

There are many, many good points, tips & tricks (like how to "calculate" the cost of interruptions ;-)) and other highly valuable insights to take away from this talk.

It has really made me think about the way I do some things and how I could possibly do them in a more efficient way. I think "visualize all the things" might be the best tip yet.

I'm such a huge fan of Mathias, I always think the next presentation *must* be the one where he slips, and doesn't manage to hit that high expectation. And yet, once again: 5 thumbs up. In content as well as presentation.

If there is anything to improve this talk, I'd say that the technical debt bit should include a little bit more of the background (like the uncon talk at DPC14). But hey, that's just a teeny tiny bit of personal preference...

A really impressive talk on an inspiring subject. I've already started some little experiments and am bound to loose control!

There where some moments where the talk felt a bit chaotic, as if it wasn't well rehearsed, especially at the beginning. But this wasn't the first talk by Mathias I've seen and others were perfectly fluent. So maybe the social the night before is to blame, or that he had some voice issues for which he apologized in advanced.

All in all definitely a talk to see if you want to work on you soft skills!

I found this talk to be quite inspiring. It was great to see some of the successes and failures of the experiments that Mathias had been a part of.

Too often I find myself making plans based on assumptions I've never tried out. I can see how this has kept me from learning things I would not have been able to find out otherwise. "In brainstorming you are supposed to generate ideas and create options, not kill ideas."

This talk was brilliant, I saw some of myself in the examples you were giving, and some things I'd like to change. The idea that experiments are always greater than opinions really stuck with me, and I'm hoping I can apply that concept more in my professional life. For me, this was one of the best talks in the conference, a great topic delivered in a fantastic way. I know at the office we're now trying to use the whiteboard more, and action ideas in some form rather than just discussing them and going around in circles.

So yes, this talk was really beneficial to me, and also very enjoyable, keep up the good work!