Strange strings


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Good first talk. Maybe the introduction (incl history) was a but long and the remainder of the talk could have had more practical examples, use cases, etc

I like computer history but maybe for others the intro was a bit too long. It was not boring at all, good examples, very enthralling. Hope to hear you speak at one of the PHPBNL user group meetings soon.

First conference talk? The speaker was born to do this!

The talk was very rich in content, gave a beautiful historical overview of the subject (not too long to my taste, not at all!), it was funny, and the practical tips were very useful. The speaker gave the impression of authority on the subject. The information on collation in Javascript and MySQL were very welcome.

Speaker, please continue to give presentations!

Great talk! I found the introduction including the history of string encoding very interesting. I find it really useful to understand why things are the way they are. The examples used throughout the presentation were well chosen, easy to understand and documented well the point to be made. The talk ended with some very practical tips and best practices. Very useful. Joeri also presented well. The presentation was fun, enganging, well organized and easy to follow. Thanks for the talk.

It was the talk I liked the most. I do mis a lot of background information on why something happened or why a decision is taken around things told in talks. Joeri gave this great intro so I did understand why something happened. This is a better thing for other speakers to concern about.

And ofcourse it was an interesting topic overal I really enjoyed.