The Art of Programming


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Anonymous at 15:53 on 24 Jan 2015

Really fresh and interesting view about software development! Very entertaining and true. Keep it up!

Very nice mix of personal anecdote, sprinkles of wisdom and an actual point. Plus Margaret Hamilton who was a boss. Keynote material :)

Nice talk, good story-telling skills!

Not sure if I agree with the premise though. If you replace the word art with creativity, I completely agree, but that would make for a less spectacular talk... :)

Anyway, well done exploring a difficult subject from an alternative angle, it made me think and I enjoy that.

Anonymous at 22:30 on 25 Jan 2015

Interesting premise.
Very well worked out, so many details from such a wide variety of sources (Margaret Hamilton, Aristotle, Oscar Wilde). It seems like you have been cultivating this proposition for a long time and really put in a lot of effort to argument it quite well.
A couple of the slides were the funniest ones of the whole conference, in my opinion.

For an unrehearsed talk, it went remarkably well. One little point though, pace your speaking a bit. Speaking more slowly and having short pauses between topics lets the audience have more brain-cycles to process what is being said and what meaning we can get out of it to take away. Yitz did this really well on the keynote on the first day. As this talk is similarly insightful, I think it would really benefit from a more paced tempo. Just my two cents.

Keep giving this talk, would love to see it evolve and be shared with more developers. Thanks.

Very inspirational talk! Thank you

Really refreshing and great facts. Loved the personal stories, this talk caused discussions afterwards which was pretty great, also love the ART in this ART talk :D