The state of strong A.I.


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It was an interesting discussion, but I would give two points of advice: (1) don't tell me, show me, and (2) add a take away for the audience.

Good luck with the rest of your AI project.

Nice to hear about AI on the PHP conference. I had not expected that :)

The subject of the talk could have been presented a bit more deeply: the names of the people working on strong AI were mentioned, but not what they were doing exactly. Would have liked to hear about it.

The talk appeared to be about the speaker's private AI project. Which is ok, just name the talk: please help me with my AI project ;) I would still visit it.

The subject was way to broad; all of strong AI is too much for a 30 minute discussion. Please narrow it down next time.

The speaker reacted well to responses in the audience, which were unexpectedly informative, by the way.

Speaker, please keep doing this!