The why and the how of moving to 5.5/5.6


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Since most of the attendees are already running one of the latest PHP versions this talk didn't have a lot of visitors. Does this mean they already know PHPCompatibility?

I thought it was good that you increased the font size of the code examples. The downside was that I felt it took a bit too long and I got distracted.

The talk was a bit on the short side. I heard something about miscommunication about the talk length. I would have liked to hear some more about the future of PHPCompatibility.

Learned a lot from this talk. I will have to ask our system maintainers to start upgrading soon since we're still using 5.3 everywhere. PHP-compatibility looks cool and I already found a few problems in our code.

@Henry Snoek : from the show of hands, roughly 75% of attendees were still running 5.3 and older in production. I suppose if someone's already running 5.6, they wouldn't attend the talk.
I'll make sure to include more on the new functionality planned for PHPCompatibility for a future talk.

Good wake up call because we belong to that 45%.

Interesting info about PHPCompatibility.
Also like to hear more about that!