Treating Javascriptophpobia


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Interesting talk and I have definitely learned something out of it that will come in handy. The only problem I have with it was that everything was brought a bit formal, almost on a teacher level. So lighten it up a little bit and I'm 100% sure this talk will go from good to great!

Much of the facts were presented with a lack of context. You showed different ways to define a function, but didn't explain why you would (or shouldn't) use them.

Same goes for the immediate functions and the private properties constructor: you didn't mention the downsides and upsides of those patterns, ie. the fact that defining your object methods inside the function is a killer for memory usage as they are being defined for each instance of the object...

Why didn't you say anything about prototype based programming, probably the most fundamental difference with many other programming languages ? I believe this knowledge is much more important then knowing what the "real" definition of a closure is...

Your answer to the debug question (admitting you're not really a JS developer and you simply console.log your way through) pretty much confirmed you have much to learn about Javascript.

I recommend reading these books:
Javascript patterns -
High performance Javascript -

I learned some interesting things about javascript.

Persinally I did not experience as teacherlike. But you might appear a little stiff.

A bit confusing for someone with very limited javascript experience. In overall not bad, but as somebody said before : try to relax more.

Interesting presentation although I was expecting something completely different when reading the abstract.
I don't think the presentation cured my fear of javascript.

But Kudos Tom, the story was well brought, the presentation didn't have a dull moment and it was easy to follow.