Building a scalable system for tracking Shipping Packages


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Good speaker, very well prepared. Sadly, the content of this talk was just not that interesting.

A nice insight in the architecture of Etsy. A down to earth and practical solution instead of an architecture full of buzzwords and alpha level software.

The talk was nicely done.

It was really interesting to see the figures around Etsy and the system that is able to handle all of that traffic. I felt as though the talk was delivered very well, and the material was great, I was just hoping for me a bit more on the technical side of things, such as hardware optimisations. I actually found the way you'd implemented the queue system interesting, but I feel as though a lot of the issues you had with processing items could be avoided with a proper queue system. While you talked through more of the system, all I could think of was "RabbitMQ would be perfect for this".

If Etsy do eventually migrate to a more traditional queue system, it would be interesting to see what kind of performances changes you experienced, and if the codebase became cleaner or more complex.