7 steps to become a mediocre programmer


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Rob ter Haar at 11:45 on 31 Jan 2016

Some very basic procedure. Absolutely true to have some of these practices in place.

The idea of behind the talk is a good one. Helping programmers, lead developers or programmer managers to get a bit more insight in becoming a better (mediocre) programmer.

The presentation itself could have used a fair bit of structure. For example, if you name your talk '7 steps to become a mediocre programmer', the least I would expect is a breakdown in 7 clear steps. Unfortunately, I was unable to recognize more than 4 steps.
Also, a bit more background information on the pomodoro-system would have been useful, as not everyone has prior knowledge about it.

Pim speaks in fairly easy to understand English, making it easy to listen to him. A couple of slides with some visual support (e.g. images, bullet points) could really help structuring the presentation to make it a stunning success.

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated!

As your apprentice, I already knew all this stuff :)

Good little talk that could have used a bit more structure and perhaps an example.