A complex ORM... faster than SQL?


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I liked Marco Pivetta's talk a lot, mainly for the reason that I was able to enjoy and extract new useful stuff from it even though it was not my first time attending it. Good balance between theory and practice, had a live demo, learned new stuff from the questions and answers.

Never even used doctrine, but this gave a clear view of the new L2 caching and some other intresting subjects we might use in our applications.

Really good talk, it gave some great insight into what you should do and not do with Doctrine - and how simple caching can be with Doctrine.

I learned a lot and I personally thought it was the best talk so far that I attended. ;)

Peter Nijssen at 22:56 on 30 Jan 2016

Great talk and good to meet the L2 cache in Doctrine. I was expecting some more bad examples or things you can think off to improve your performance. Maybe I was biased by your blog ;)

Very good talk, the L2 Caching in Doctrine is definitely the thing I'm going to try and implement.

Good, solid and enjoyable talk. Learned a few things and am looking forward to using the new and shiny L2 cache.
I feel the same as one of the writers of one of the other comments though: was expecting more in depth stuff about improving performance.
For those that already know or use doctrine the introduction on what doctrine/ORM is, was a bit long.

Tom Cannaerts at 20:39 on 31 Jan 2016

Now here's a talk I would recommend to everyone. This was not a hey-look-how-great-doctrine-is talk, but an honest talk about when and when not to use an ORM. You gave a great explanation of what the new L2 cache of Doctrine, which looks really promising.

Miro Svrtan at 23:49 on 31 Jan 2016

Very good talk.

I unfortunately didnt have an opportunity to ask him later to be more clear on some L2 cache implementation details but will check out docs to see it (I'm not sure if #1) caches are entity or result based, #2) will find all active users repository use caches or SQL to get the results out)

Robert Broen at 09:11 on 1 Feb 2016

Good talk, can't wait to try some of the things I have seen.

Great talk to start the day! And i'm really impressed of the work that has been done for the L2 cache!

James Titcumb at 12:20 on 3 Feb 2016

TIL about the SLC cache log; very useful stuff. My hangover made this talk difficult to understand (but that is not the speaker's fault of course).

Mike Simonson at 11:45 on 5 Feb 2016

Great insight into doctrine good use cases and bad use cases.