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Bart Reunes at 17:05 on 29 Jan 2016

Short, but interesting.

Niels C at 15:09 on 30 Jan 2016

In my opinion starting with the demo would be better to have direct idea.

Omar Reiss at 11:49 on 1 Feb 2016

GrumPHP is awesome. I think you explained it clearly. For me the presentation was clear from the start since I was already very familiar with the problems Grum solves (especially git hooks stuff). I can imagine that doing the demo at the beginning would indeed be better since not everyone is familiar with git hooks.

Peter Slagter at 12:10 on 1 Feb 2016

Great job at evangelising your own product. I know it can be scary and you did it nevertheless. It's not something we will use, but interesting and nice to see you talk about something have a drive for! :)