Hexagonal architecture - message-oriented software design


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Van Belle Jonathan (Grummfy) at 17:09 on 30 Jan 2016

thanks you. was very clear. one of the most clear and comprehensive talk about architectural. have finally understand a lot about other talk I have seen related to DDD or whatever

Peter Nijssen at 22:43 on 30 Jan 2016

It's always a great pleasure to listen to Matthias. He clearly explains things and always has great subjects.

Yosh de Vos at 12:56 on 31 Jan 2016

Great speaker! Finally had some more examples what DDD and Commands are really about.

Mariusz Gil at 13:25 on 31 Jan 2016

Very nice presentation from experienced speaker. Few code examples for better explanation and it will be 5+ talk.

I love the simplicity of Matthias's slides. I find the clarity with which he can explain complex subjects impressive, in his book as well as talks. And when it comes to content, this talk is no different.

As for this instance of the talk: It might have something to do with the main stage and distance to the crowd, or it being the last talk of the day - but the crowd participation was less than optimal. A bit more energy might have been better in this case.

It's very hard to explain abstract concepts in a way everyone can understand and follow it, but I think this talks does exactly that. Impressive.

Tom Cannaerts at 21:13 on 31 Jan 2016

Finally someone who not only tells us that we're doing it wrong, but also managed to actaully convince me that we are in fact doing it wrong.

Robert Broen at 09:26 on 1 Feb 2016

Very inspiring, sparked a lot of interest on my side. Talk could have been a bit less abstract towards the end, but it got the message across.

Peter Slagter at 12:20 on 1 Feb 2016

Good talk, nice slides and a great addition to the one your gave earlier on the day. Thanks!

Martin V at 12:40 on 1 Feb 2016

It was really inspiring talk for me. Thank you Matthias! Now I need to read all your blog posts :)

Jeroen Boersma at 13:03 on 1 Feb 2016

Nice last talk to go to, it was nice to get a clear view on how you can easily look at not so happy core's/apps and apply some simple rules to make them happy again.

"If you cannot make it hexagonal, make it octagonal" and it was clear to me why you would do it.
So, very nice and simple rules one can immediately can act upon.

Sjoerd Linders at 15:55 on 1 Feb 2016

Thank you for this great presentation which will be very helpful for me programming the right way.
This is a far better way of programming then the MVC methode. Programming with interfaces will definitly be the future.

Good presentation brought by a well-mannered speaker :) Thank you for not coughing into you microphone :)

I'll be diving into your ideas together with my mentor, after seeing this talks, which is also nice.

I really enjoyed the talk, now I need to try to implement lessons learned here

Bart Reunes at 16:54 on 3 Feb 2016

Really interesting talk, about streamlining structural things in your day-to-day applications.

As always, Matthias has a way of delivering high level content in a way that everybody can understand! Such a clear and easy to follow guide to what Hexagonal Architecture is. Amazing how simple it is once Matthias has explained it.