How machine learning can save your life


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It was a really interesting talk. A little bit weird that stressed how difficult it actually is to use, instead of how easy. ;) That is normally not how talks work - but it was very honest.
The talk would probably be even more worth for a public of big-data analysts, maybe we should have focussed a little bit more on the API and the technical site - and less on the click and drag interface.

The thing that surprised me the most was how simple some of the available API's are, like the emotion- and face-detector.
It is really cool to know that you now can setup such a service that uses this without owing a multi-million company. ;)
I wouldn't have a spin-off talk about those API :)

Very good talk, lots of nice features presented, an example that will make me wonder when picking a ship cabin ;) Although Imho it's a bit of downside that a specialised data science knowledge is needed.

Sounded a bit like a commercial sometimes. Was fun to see how data is being analysed, but the talk also told us that you will need a data scientist to do this properly. So I wonder about the use of this talk...

I got exactly what I was hoping to get from this talk, so good job!
Will definitely will play with this in the near future!

Talk and examples where nice, bit commerical tbh

F at 22:14 on 1 Feb 2016

I liked this talk because machine learning interests me a lot. I feel that this talk was not really about PHP as much as it could have been, but the subject was interesting nonetheless. Nick is a good speaker and his examples kept me engaged.

Bart Reunes at 14:37 on 3 Feb 2016

Great to see Nick in real life, and not only as a Godlike being in a chatroom (PHP/AFT).

I was surprised to see how advanced and big the Azure environment actually is. It was an amazing talk, but I would love to see a more technical presentation on what can actually be achieved on more in depth use cases. Great talk though!