How to Migrate Anything with DDD


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Stefan van Essen at 12:14 on 30 Jan 2016

Somehow I really didn't think of DB migrations when i read "migrate with DDD". I really hope that DVD actually would have been (at least some of) the topic. Instead it turned out to be more of a sales pitch of Baleen. Not that zI will never look into Baleen, but I just expected something totally different...

Hans Stevens at 12:20 on 30 Jan 2016

clear talk, well presented but "Migrate everything with Baleen" would have been a better title for the talk.

My intention with DDD was not only to convey how useful many DDD principles were when I tackled this project and how they can be applied to small domains like this one - but also how you can actually use a tool like this to migrate your OWN domains by querying them directly (similar to how I showed in the marriage example) instead of resorting to low-level infrastructure APIs.

However that was a by-product of the talk, not really the main focus, so you're right about the title. Thanks for the suggestion Hans: "Migrate everything with Baleen" will probably be the next version of this talk :)

Marco van Est at 14:22 on 30 Jan 2016

I was a bit surprised in the beginning because of the title vs context, but it turned out to be a really nice surprise!
Definitely going to try this out!
About the presentation itself how it was structured and presented I can say: nice job (Y)

As said before, the title is quit confusing.

Besides that, I think the talk was pretty good, nice and clear explanation what Baleen is and how it works.

Rob ter Haar at 12:06 on 31 Jan 2016

Great talk misplaced titel but i want to try baleen

Like the rest I was mislead by the title. Also, I didn't quite get the problem that was being solved - so my interest in Baleen wasn't peaked. When it comes to delivery, I found the presentation had too many slides with bullet points, and was a bit monotonous.

Bonus points for having the guts to do a live demo though. That went reasonably smooth.

Caspar at 16:45 on 31 Jan 2016

Interesting concept, but the title mislead me. It's more a walk through of what Baleen is (or will be) than a talk about migrating.

Tom Cannaerts at 20:55 on 31 Jan 2016

I agree with most people here, mislead by the title. As technology is only an implementation detail according to many DDD talks, it's a bit strange to "sell" this very specific product (yes product, not methodology) under the DDD flag.

Misleading title + description. was more of a sales pitch for baleen.
The DDD part was more of a description on what direction Baleen would be taking in the future.
So, expected something quite different.

As for the content of the talk itself, a more detailed in-depth examples of how to do something with (for example doctrine) would be useful and would make a lot of things a lot more clear. Instead of "you can write your own bit of code for doctrine/whatever-orm, show an actual example of what you need to do.

I also expected more theory about DDD and migrations, felt a bit disappointed.

Dusan Lukic at 13:05 on 2 Feb 2016

Gabriel presented a very interesting migration tool in an understandable way.

Roy van Geel at 22:15 on 4 Feb 2016

Despite the misleading title really enjoyed the talk. Very interesting concept, sounds like it's worth a try! Thanks Gabriel.

Like most, this was totally _not_ what I expected. I strongly suggest to change the title, and have the description mention Baleen. I usually keep away from these "product talks" as I'm not looking for that kind of info/inspiration at conferences. This negative (or at least not positive) first impression really hurts the talk.

I do think Baleen looks promising and hope that developers will start picking it up. I also found it well presented and it shows Gabriel really stands by everything he said.