Manage Your Content with Elasticsearch


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Easily one of the best in-depth Elasticsearch talks/tutorials I've seen so far! Presented in such a relaxed and own way that made it easy to pick up the gold nuggets.

Like we talked about after the tutorial: there's always this balance to strike between how much in depth (aka how much of the listeners I'm going to lose) vs how generic (but maybe less attractive for more advanced users). For me this balance was excellent (keeping in mind that at the company I work we are using more advanced stuff)! Maybe others think differently, let's see :)

I loved the live demo! It adds to the relaxed way of presenting and makes me feel like you know exactly what you're talking about.

Sorry but couldn't think of anything that you can improve :(

Thanks for picking your brain and maybe we'll talk later

Peter Nijssen at 22:58 on 30 Jan 2016

I was expecting that we could do a bit more ourselves but it was impossible to keep up. In the end though we got a pretty decent overview what we can do with ElasticSearch.

It started a bit messy, running late a bit, a missing a converter for the beamer and an empty github repo (probably not all your fault) but after you started it went really well. Great in depth tutorial although I couldn't always keep up with the examples of doing things myself.

A thing to improve might be sending out an email before the tutorial with the link to elastic search and some tips how to install it locally (and that you assume everyone has it installed at the start of the tutorial). I did not have elastic running on my laptop yet, because I thought you might have a special set up or Vagrant ready for us. So at the start of the tutorial I hastily managed to install it and follow your lead right after, but I'm not sure if everybody in the room had it running already :)

And maybe include all the commands from your slides in the github clone, so people can copy/paste them instead of having to (quickly) type them over when they're on the screen.

Jimmy Comack at 09:51 on 1 Feb 2016

Despite the hiccups at the beginning of the tutorial (running late, empty GitHub repository etc.), I definitely learned a lot from this tutorial and thoroughly enjoyed it. The pace was somewhat too high in some areas, which made it hard to keep up with the slides and read what you had written.

Overall I liked this tutorial. Good job.

Omar Reiss at 10:54 on 1 Feb 2016

I really felt like I got a complete overview of what I can do with Elasticsearch and where I can find more info. I think the expertise of the speaker was evident and found her answers to questions raised quite satisfying.

I agree with Peter that it was hard to keep up. It could be nice to make it a bit more hands-on. But as a demo and overview of what you can do with Elasticsearch I think it was very good.

Great overview but I totally agree with Jeroen that a preparation mail would be handy. Also a overview of the commands included in the github repo would be handy.