Micro-services at home, lessons learned


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Great talk, very inspiring to dust off my old raspberry and start playing around with it again!
Will definitely come to your talk at phpbnl next year :)

Caspar at 16:43 on 31 Jan 2016

I didn't see this talk because I was intrigued by the topic, but because I was already in the room. But! I'm glad I stayed :)
Perhaps "home-automation" instead of just "home" would be more informative of the subject?
Talk had some interesting ideas and concepts, which inspires to dig in this home-automation myself :)
(ps. if there's some more time, perhaps add a "live-feed" from home to show the results of the voice-commands? *with* sound of course! after you implement the "Sorry"-command...)

Scato Eggen at 10:30 on 5 Feb 2016

Entertaining talk. I would have welcomed some more depth (like code or diagrams).

The structure was a bit erratic, probably because of the last-minute preparations ;)