PHP Data Structures (and the impact of PHP 7 on them)


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Van Belle Jonathan (Grummfy) at 09:46 on 30 Jan 2016

verry clear, easy to understand. discover some new stuff like some pecl extension that I never hearth of. thanks

Stefan van Essen at 12:17 on 30 Jan 2016

Tough stuff when you've barely waken up, but interesting nonetheless. PECL classes I never heard before + examples on how to use it. All in all a good talk.

Mark Baker at 14:55 on 30 Jan 2016

Good to see some performance comparisons between SPL datastructures and userland equivalents with arrays for both PHP5 and PHP7, showing how they've changed between the two major versions. Also interesting was the Set datastructure and a numer of approaches to implementing it in userland PHP: I'd have liked to have seen some mention of SPLHeap as well; but overall a good reminder of just what is built into PHP already, the performance/memory benefits; and the differences between 5 and 7.

New classes, new insights and nicely presented examples/charts so the the difference between php5 & php7.

Caspar at 16:48 on 31 Jan 2016

Quite tough information to present in an interesting way, but still some pretty good insights. Good information on the various structures and how to use the array-type with each concept. Surprising results on the benchmarks.

Martin Beukman at 09:08 on 1 Feb 2016

very insightful, nicely presented!

Very in-depth talk about PHP Data Structures. Interesting to hear about benchmarks of said data structures.

Andy at 20:59 on 1 Feb 2016

Nice clear talk, learned much about alternatives for 'heavy' functions. It was also nice to see the differences between PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.

Bart Reunes at 14:38 on 3 Feb 2016

Very helpful talk, comprehensive, clear comparisons, and very interesting!