SOLID Refactoring


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Really good talk. Walked through an example project to explain every principle hands on.

Love the switching from theory to practice.

Peter Nijssen at 22:53 on 30 Jan 2016

Great to see a good practical example of how to refactor your legacy code.

Great talk and a very well explained example going all the way from legacy to SOLID code. One of the best talks I've attended.

The best refactoring live demo I've seen thus far, great job!

Peter Slagter at 12:15 on 1 Feb 2016

I loved your talk and it was my personal favorite of this years PHPBNL edition. Not because of the amount of new knowledge, but because of your excellent live coding, the way you cut refactoring into pieces and the ease with which you explained concepts and principles. Very good job!

Good talk with good examples while still very easy to follow.
Might be better with some generic suggestions on what approach to use.

Also a good promotion for all the shortcuts that are available in PHPStorm.

Sjoerd Linders at 16:23 on 1 Feb 2016

Very good explenation about how to refactor or create SOLID OOP code, that is reuseble / maintaineble and nice coded.

Good tutorial about SOLID Refactoring. Excellent talk for beginners.

-1 as the talk was marked as Intermediate while it was (at least from my perspective) aimed at beginners. For an Intermediate talk i expected some more depth.

Roy van Geel at 22:04 on 4 Feb 2016

Great explanation about the SOLID principles, using the practical examples makes a lot of sense.
Agree with Johan about the level of the talk.