Speed Up Your Database 300 Times


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Being labled "intermediate" by the organisation, I hoped to get more out of this.
The fact that using a limit, single field indices and executing less queries speeds up your database USAGE, is not SQL crafting to me.

You touched on indices but did not really layout how indices work internally, and did not even mention a multifield index, how to use them (importance of the order of fields) and how they can serve multiple use cases efficiently.
How about a more complex join then just a primary/foreign key? Filtering in the join itself?
And when creating a tmp table in memory might be a more valid option then using multiple queries and fetching the results using you application layer in between queries.

Let alone tweaking database settings, and the tools to do this, because a lot of performance can be gained here too..

Had hoped to get a bit more/new tips out of this since it was an intermediate talk, for me these were more the basics mysql optimisation...
But still learned a new thing, did not know about the archive storage engine yet, so will play around with it for our use case and if it is labeled beginner I think it is a great talk to watch.

Though I might not have learned anything brand new during this session (except for some minor tidbits), it was a good refresh to keep some db best practices in mind. You gave clear examples, sprinkled in a bit of humor, and showed a clear passion for the subject.

The content could was a little bit light imho, but you did a great job as a speaker.

Jimmy Comack at 09:50 on 2 Feb 2016

A nice refresher that reminded me why it's important to have your database structure well planned and how using some (simple) steps could improve your overall load times. Also reminded me that not everything can be solved with just code.

I must however agree with the others that the talk was mislabeled as "intermediate".

I thought it was a great talk, yes, it was quite basic and maybe it was more a beginner talk - but I thought it was greatly delivered, very clear and entertaining - it was a very good refreshment of the basics.

Also, I am now running a slow query log on my database. ;)