Symfony2 security


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That was my first workshop and I enjoyed it. The theory was presented clear and concise. I think that we (the attendees) would probably be more responsive if not the early hour and sometimes a long ride before ;) The practical part was good, I liked the fact that the task was an outcome of how the theory went in detail at the end. If I may humbly suggest something, I'd think about a ready-to-go environment for the workshop, e.g a vagrant machine. I realize that everybody should be prepared beforehand, but for those who for any reason aren't it would be a great improvement. Summing it up it was a great workshop :)

Sorry to say that I found this not tutorial-worthy. Half way I walked out because the pace, for me, was way too low. I can't say anything about the second half, maybe it picked up.

The build up was ok but seemed to come right off of Symfony's documentation. I might have high standards but in tutorials I'd like to get some deep insights, real life experiences steering us away from the bad stuff and pointing us to the sweet nectar the instructor already discovered. There was none of this in my opinion (as said, in the first half) so it was basically following the Symfony Book.

I'm really not trying to bash Joshua, he's undoubtably a fine speaker but this gave me very little value in terms of new knowledge. Glad that the organisers let me into another tutorial that pleasantly surprised me.

Ways to improve this would be to go off the beaten path: don't do username + password authorization but put up an LDAP server somewhere and let us try to do something with that. Try to create insane Voter rules that contradict each other and let us see how to resolve that. Just don't follow the basic scenarios, we know them.