Unleashing frameworks


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Omar Reiss at 14:18 on 1 Feb 2016

The idea of combining modules from different frameworks seems quite interesting in theory. However, no one will buy into a framework because it solves theoretical problems.

In my eyes, this talk completely lacked actual usecases and/or real-world examples. That was a bit frustrating since my curiosity towards the practical implication of a theoretically interesting concept was sparked but not satisfied.

I would come see your talk again if you would invest in making your audience feel the pain of not being able to use (eg.) Laravel components in the context of (eg.) a Symphony app by *showing* what that's like. Your talk should probably start with that!

If you would then also manage to make a nice case of how PPI could take the previously introduced pain away, I would give you a five star rating on joind.in without any doubt ;-)