Using Circuit Breakers in PHP


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Van Belle Jonathan (Grummfy) at 18:18 on 29 Jan 2016

thanks for the talk.

Nice explanation how circuit breakers work and how they solved of their problems with storing them.

Miro Svrtan at 23:43 on 31 Jan 2016

I didn't know much about circuit breakers and I must say this is a brilliant idea.

Would like to see this as a prepared talk, with some more implementation details once some of the beginner quirks are ironed out.

Nice explanation of what circuit breakers are, and nice example of how to solve the performance issues that come with that many circuit breakers in place. I think when this is more prepared, has some slides, some more explanation on the architecture that lead to the need of so many circuit breakers and a bit more relaxed presentation, this could be a great technical talk!