Vagrant and Ansible


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Micheal made it so easy to learn, that I wonder if I needed a tutorial for this.
Maybe sending a little tutorial up front people can do by themselves and make the tutorial more difficult is an option?
Didn't need any checkpoints, but liked the idea very much.

Rated 4

Jeroen Boersma at 12:06 on 1 Feb 2016

I was a little late(like 5mins, sorry for that), so didn't catch the kick-off, but could catch up easily.

The tutorial was build up perfectly, Michael thought allowed mistakes and supplied a way to get back on track again.
The way the tutorial was you could expand your ansible knowledge bit by bit, which made it very clear one was doing.

I think I hoped it would have gone a little deeper, but the where a lot of things I learned( the very basics of Ansible), I would recommend to rename the talk to "Vagrant with Ansible" because Vagrant isn't a big part of the talk.

Thanks Michael for sharing your knowledge, I would recommend you as a mentor for Ansible!

Good tutorial, well prepared so you could catch up when it didn't work for you at first.

Might have gone a bit deeper on some topics. Especially at the end.

Rated 3

Harm Tersteeg at 15:43 on 2 Feb 2016

Great tutorial well prepared
Might have gone a little deeper