Three part talk to show how to greatly increase the performance of your PHP application. First part cover cache topics such as invalidation technics, cache tagging, cache stamped protection and why the new Symfony Cache Component performs better than most other cache libraries. Second part expand to cover the world of advance Http caching techniques with Varnish including Vary, Grace, and cache tagging invalidation with cached stamping protection. Third part ties it all together by using different profiling tools like blackfire and JMeter to be able to verify that the changes you have done actually makes a differance.


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Hard to follow, felt unprepared. I was hoping for a more abstract story, instead of the specific case.

Stefan van Essen at 11:29 on 28 Jan 2017

Heard - could have done X but went for Y because that was easier / not yet finished / quicker' at least 3 times, too bad.

i liked having real world examples and see how cache tagging is a similar problem on very different layers of an application.

the talk can be improved by adding a bit of conceptual theory and explaining the terminology.

Jeroen de Jong at 17:08 on 28 Jan 2017

I already have some experience with caching but was having a hard time to follow the might have been due to a lack of preparation or insecurity/nerves..

I like having actual examples with working solutions, so try to work on a better storyline to keep the audience interested and make sure the screen resolution is fixed before doing a live demo

Mathew Hucks at 14:55 on 29 Jan 2017

I felt like the presentation wasn't structured enough. It was very hard to follow. I missed some basic explanation / concepts before diving into a live demo. Or maybe it was just a little too advanced for me.