On the wall mounted TV in our office a dashboard is displayed. At a glance we can see what the current tasks for each member of our team are, which important events are coming up, which music is playing, if it will rain in the next 30 minutes, ... and much more.

In this talk I'll explain how we leveraged both Laravel and Vue to build the dashboard. After demonstrating the dashboard itself we'll take a deep dive in the code. We'll take a look at the entire flow: the grid system, broadcast events, the Pusher service, some cool Vue mixins and much more.

After this talk you'll be able to setup a dashboard using our code available at https://github.com/spatie/dashboard.spatie.be


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Stefan van Essen at 20:06 on 27 Jan 2017

Amazing dashboard, one of the cleanest projects I have ever seen! Also great gifted speaker who explains calmly what is going on in great detail. Loved it!

Great talk!

Really relaxed talk and showing all the right details. Motivating me to do more with the used techniques. Keep it up at spatie!

Bart Ducheyne at 12:21 on 28 Jan 2017

I really enjoyed your talk, you gave it a with a clear and calm voice, this all ready adds a lot to a good talk.
It was also well structured and a good speed.

I also liked how you explained how every is working and that the whole project is available on github so I can have a other look at it.