Separated layers are one of the fundamental principles of software design. Your framework is just the topmost layer, and your business code should not depend on it. While we will touch a few package design basics, the focus is on how to actually DO it: Expose the user accounts in your model to your framework without depending on it. Separate form input validation from entities. Isolate ORM-specific code in bridges. We’ll also take a look at Deptrac, a tool that helps you to to visualize and stick to that separation during your project’s lifetime.


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Bart Ducheyne at 12:33 on 28 Jan 2017

Well I think the talk was ok, but was I my opinion a very Symfony specific and was a bit disappointed/surprised in this as it was stated in the description as being a universal Framework talk

A lot of concrete ideas that can be implemented starting from tomorrow (not now just because is Sunday :-P). Even if the example was symfony based (that should be mentioned in the abstract) the concept can be easily applied in every framework/context