While Symfony is a modern full-stack framework that powers many high-profile sites today, it is also a collection of components. Let’s see how Symfony is used stand alone and take a look at the most common features you will use. We’ll also see how the basic components at Symfony’s core are designed, and what they do for other open source projects, and what they can do for your legacy code.


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Not too fast, not too slow.
Very good content.
Would 100% recommend to my colleagues.

I have programmed in SF3 before, so obviously did not get as much out of it as some other people.

It was still a great workshop and great delivery that I would recommend to anyone wanting to really *understand* Symfony. I love the way that the components were the main part of the workshop and the buildup with code we refactored into something nicer, starting to resemble SF3. That way people get a deeper understanding for what Symfony really is. I too took some out of it by understanding the framework that I use in my every day life a bit better, and learning about some components I did not know about, such as dotenv.

Thank you.

Nico Heulsen at 20:39 on 29 Jan 2017

Very good talk! Enjoyed it 100%.