PHP is one of the most accessible and commonly used languages in computer programming. It’s used for building websites, web applications, micro services and loads of other stuff. Normally we would not use it to control hardware. But let that be the showcase of this talk. I’ll show you how I (ab)used PHP to control hardware used during track and field competitions. It involves LED-panels, serial-to-ethernet-­convertors and the use of reactphp, an event-driven non-blocking I/O library.


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Fenomenal demo,
Proper php code,
Was one of the highlights of the day at phpbenelux.
Would recommend to all!

Having done a little tinkering with RS232 and PHP back in the days, this brought back memories.

Hope that you pick up some sponsors to help you improve this!

Fun stuff, nice to see PHP used for this kind of thing. Thank you for showing, sharing and teaching.