Apache Kafka is a special kind of message broker. It offers not only massive scalability and fault tolerance, but also a unique set of guarantees around message ordering and delivery, which is why it’s often described as a “distributed transaction log”. Its general-purpose nature has led to quick adoption by startups and major enterprises alike, as the capabilities it provides allow for a broad range of applications in modern system architectures.

A key challenge in (micro-)service architectures is ensuring that individual components can communicate reliably, whether it is for guaranteed delivery of billing information, low latency in detection of security-related events, or high-bandwidth storage to an analytics environment. Kafka not only greatly simplifies these operations, it gives developers a chance to rethink the data flows between components and build powerful pipelines for information processing and interchange, moving messaging into the center of their architectures.

This presentation will introduce the basic concepts and general architecture of Kafka, and then focus heavily on potential use cases both for systems and services that produce data, as well as for those that consume it – including ones written in PHP, of course!


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Van Belle Jonathan (Grummfy) at 17:10 on 28 Jan 2017

intresting intro to Kafka. but for me that was not more. but, hopefully it was well done, so for people discovering it it's very intresting

Mariusz Gil at 10:22 on 29 Jan 2017

Talk was very consistent with abstract, I expected exactly this kind of content and technical level. If I can suggest anything to improve this talk, small live-demo with producer and different consumers on the same topic should be great.

Interesting intro on the topic

Good introduction on what is kafka and what can be done with it. Informative, nice examples, including some complex stuff. Too bad cold got you first!

It was a good talk to understand the principles of kafka and why its not simply a queue. I would have loved to see a comparison to other message brokers like rabbitmq, which seems extremly similar, just with different terminology.

I went to this talk without really knowing what Kafka was. This talk delivers into detailing what it is and how it can be used.
David has a very nice style of bringing a topic. Thank you!

Great introduction. Good humoristic vibe throughout the talk.
Loved the practical use-cases of Kafka + how it's used at spotify/twitter/linkedin/...

Good introduction on a complex system named Kafka! Very good examples of use cases! Will give it a try. Thanks!