Live document collaboration, playing cooperative and competitive games, updating sports scores, booking seats. Stateless and belated nature of HTTP requests is not a perfect match for these and other similar use cases.

WebSockets offer immediate delivery of messages in two-way communication between the client and the server. Instead of periodic polling for new messages, they are pushed to the receiver over TCP/IP connection.

Implementing WebSockets is not limited to technologies like node.js but has also been possible in PHP for quite some time with impressive results. In this talk, I will introduce this technology and tell the audience how to successfully adopt it in their PHP applications while avoiding problems and pitfalls.


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Thank you for a good presentation!

Good presentation, which peaked my interest in the subject enough to make me lookup stuff. I also put in my personal comments on this talk "went a bit too fast sometimes", but I actually cannot remember that :)

Even though webSockets have been around for some time now, I have not yet had the opportunity to use them. This talk wants me to just get started with them. It was a very nice overview of the possibilities, how to setup etc.

It was brought in a structured way and I enjoyed listening to it.