When migrating, we often need to review old code and target only interesting issues. This session will connect the backward incompatibilities and new features to actual location in the code, relying on static analysis to process a large code base quickly. Based on the accumulated experience of the tools, we will review the issues, diagnose criticality, select the best fixes, and prioritize tasks. All tools used will be open source, and you can try them at home for more validation.


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Damien Seguy (Speaker) at 15:01 on 27 Jan 2017

Slides are online : http://www.slideshare.net/dseguy/php-72-compliance-workshop-php-benelux

Learned a couple of new tricks, and some habits I have to kick.... (That is if I want to stay 7.2 compliant!)

Damien at the end of the time we had, still had about 15 or so slides left, which we were told beforehand; Ïf we would let him, he could talk all day about this topic... ;-)

Great talk, and a very nice guy!

Ben Willems at 10:07 on 2 Feb 2017

Great workshop, learned about some new tools. I feel like i have a firm "grep" on migration now :)